The Vinyl Siding Institute has developed some good examples of case studies that might just fit what you're planning for your project. Follow the story here.

VSI Case Studies

Historic renovation in Pinehurst, NC

When planners with the Village of Pinehurst in Pinehurst, NC, were tasked with the major restoration effort of The Carolina, a historic grand hotel built in 1901, they chose to preserve the National Landmark’s design while maintaining the integrity of its characteristic charm with vinyl siding.


Serving as an excellent example of the way planners in Pinehurst and many other communities across the country are approaching historical restoration, the historic, grand Carolina hotel still exudes the same charm and tradition it did when it opened in 1901, only now it offers the convenience and durability of vinyl siding.


Refusing to trap themselves in a time warp of material choices, Village of Pinehurst Planner Molly Russell explains, “Specifying architectural details, and not specific materials, is a win-win situation for our community itself and our residents…We recognize that new products and new technology can successfully and beautifully recreate the spirit of the past, without literally living in the past.”


Original Pinehurst cottages, such as Hale Cottage (circa 1895) and White Shingles Cottage (circa 1911), were also accurately and beautifully restored with vinyl siding. Likewise, the pro shop at the golf course, a prominent real estate office in the center of the village and countless other homes and buildings chose vinyl siding to preserve the character and charm that will forever define Pinehurst.


Upscale urban community in Atlanta, GA.


When it was time for the Homeowners Association of Glenridge Place, an upscale Atlanta area neighborhood of 58 homes, to select a material to replace the community’s nearly 25-year-old composite wood siding, the HOA quickly narrowed the field to two contenders: vinyl siding versus fiber cement siding. 


What Glenridge residents soon discovered is that homeowners who remodel with vinyl siding recover more than 95% of the cost when they sell their homes. Once they learned of the virtually maintenance-free benefits of vinyl siding in addition to the ease of installation and major cost-savings when compared to fiber cement, vinyl was the clear choice. 












In addition to maintaining the community’s modern, upscale aesthetics, vinyl siding complemented the homes’ brick accents perfectly. Vinyl soffit and trim pieces, as well as column accents were also replaced to creative a cohesive look that homeowners can be proud of and easily maintain. In fact, it’s of little surprise that the latest U.S. Census Bureau data confirms vinyl siding’s position as the number one choice for exterior cladding for new single family homes.