The fact is, most people are surprised at how quickly and easily an outdated home can undergo an exterior remodel, changing their home from "outdated" to the most beautiful home on the block. Below, we've captured some recent examples of homes that have been updated. The small photos at the top are real "before" photos -- and the larger image is the same home three weeks later.

Home Renovations

The Kurtz family was in dire need of a "fix up" for their home in Blue Springs, MO. The outdated home was a maintenance headache and in some cases, downright unsafe.  In just three weeks, Ply Gem contractor Todd Tice helped the family realize their dream home, while increasing energy efficiency and overall curb appeal.

A "Prairie" style approach with colors and textures was chosen by the family. The result?  Warm, clean colors and textures that fit right at home in the neighborhood.

Meet the Kurtz family.


The Peek family loved their home and had no desire to move from their Camillus, NY neighborhood.  However, the home was in such need of repairs, the family didn't know where to start.  In just three weeks, Ply Gem and G&J Remodeling of Syracuse teamed up to transform the Peek's home  into a Craftsman-style bungalow, that is now the envy of the neighborhood. 

What surprised the family most?  The fact that they could continue to live comfortably in the home throughout the renovation -- which took just three weeks.

Meet the Peek family.


Looks Like New
The Phipps family saw significant damage to their home in a series of storms that battered the coastal CT town of Baltic in the past few years. When it was time to undergo a remodel, the Phipps found that local code restrictions required all renovations to be completed within the existing footprint of the home. The Phipps worked with Exterior Solutions of Bozrah, CT to create what appears to be a "new" home that blends perfectly within the surrounding community. By simply adding bold new colors, a stone foundation and accessories - including a "faux" window - the house achieved eye-catching balance and symmetry.