Why choose certified siding?

Selecting certified vinyl siding is more important than any brand, style, or color you may choose. Certification authenticates that the siding is of high quality, has passed rigorous testing and will deliver on the manufacturer’s claims. However, just choosing certified siding isn’t enough: Your installer should also be certified. A certified installer will properly install your vinyl siding to make sure it looks great, performs as promised and meets warranty requirements.

Who certifies vinyl siding?

The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) is an organization responsible for setting the bar for vinyl siding quality through installation certification programs and product testing. They create the programs to certify the consistency and quality of vinyl and polypropylene siding. These programs are verified by an independent third party quality control agency, Architectural Testing, Inc (ATI) of York, PA.

ATI tests against the industry’s quality standards (ASTM D3679 and ASTM D7254) twice a year, conducts unannounced manufacturing plan inspections, and reports their findings.  In addition to the independent quality control verifications, VSI sponsors third-party verifications for vinyl siding color retention – further ensuring the integrity of product claims. 


How to locate a certified product or installer


Look for these certification labels and logos on the manufacturer or contractor’s literature, websites or packaging to identify them as certified.




Tested by standard ASTM D3679 & D6864/D7251- Color retention meets or exceeds standard.




Tested by standard ASTM D3679 - product meets or exceeds standard.




Tested by standard ASTM D7254 – product meets or exceeds standard.




Contractors or installers who are trained in proper installation techniques and have passed their tests - standard ASTM D4756.  



For a complete and up-to-date list of certified products and colors visit www.vinylsiding.org and click here for an up-to-date list of certified installers.


LINK to certified installer list by state



Get the results you want

Only certified products deliver the durability you want, and only a certified installer knows how to properly install your vinyl siding properly. Now that you understand the importance of product and installer certifications, revisit your list of contractors and products  to make sure they are certified.


For more information on the benefits and sustainability of vinyl siding, check out VSI's "America Sides with Vinyl" video series on their YouTube channel.