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The Vinyl Siding Institute works diligently to promote the image of vinyl siding in the marketplace and provides homeowners and builders with a wealth of valuable resources. Go to vinylsiding.org for a complete list of videos, webinars, articles, fact sheets, sales sheets, newsletters and industry statistics, in addition to the materials shown here.


Vinyl Siding Installation - English

Vinyl Siding Installation - Spanish

Your Home Deserves the Best: Use a Certified Vinyl Siding Installer

Certified Installer Companies: Hang with the Best

Canada Sides with Vinyl Brochure

Side-by-Side: The Truth About Vinyl Siding and Brick

Side-by-Side: The truth About Vinyl Siding and Fiber Cement

Side Trips - Stories of Why America Sides with Vinyl: Village of Pinehurst, NC

Side Trips - Stories of Why America Sides with Vinyl: Glendridge Place in Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)

Side Trips - Stories of Why America Sides with Vinyl: Town of Cary, NC

Siding with History Fact Sheet

Siding with the Environment Fact Sheet

Siding with Design Fact Sheet

Siding with Neighborhoods Fact Sheet

Siding with Safety Fact Sheet

Siding with Vinyl Fact Sheet

A Dozen Things You Might Not Know That Make Vinyl Siding Green Handout

Reality Check: Vinyl Siding vs. James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Siding with Low Maintenance Fact Sheet

Siding with Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet

Certified Vinyl Siding: Quality and Color You Can Count On

Vinyl Siding Standards Build Consumer Confidence

Polypropylene Siding: Certified for Performance