Outside Corners

Outside corners protect the corner joint in your siding and are offered in a variety of styles, widths, and colors to match or accent your home’s style: modern, traditional, historic, prairie, etc.

Outside corners are functional, but also highly visible, so choose with care.

3" Corner

4" and 5" Lineals with Corner Insert

6" Fluted

6" Traditional

Windows, Door and Garage Trim

The trim you choose can turn an average doorway into an inviting entry. If you have not specified the type of door and window trim you prefer with your contractor, you may end up with the basic, universal J-channel -- the trim most installers use as a default. While it may do the job, it may not give you the look you hoped to achieve.


5" Lineal

Mantel and Pillaster

Finishing Accessories

Often overlooked are those places where the top course of siding meets your roof. Leave it up to the contractor, and you could wind up with basic J-channel trim. It is secure and will do the job, but it will not do much more, and may actually detract from the job if you’ve selected a wider trim everywhere else.


Crown Molding

Flat Finish with Lineals

Mitered Corners or Butt Joints

In almost every case, mitered corners are best. They are a truer joint, more secure and just look better. Mitered corners also last longer than butt joints, which tend to separate easily.

Butt Joints

Mitered Corners