Soffit 101

A soffit is the part of your home’s roof that extends past your exterior wall. A soffit vent is a vent installed into the soffit that permits outside air to be drawn up into the attic. It is one of your home’s least glamorous, yet most essential elements. In fact, research done by the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois states that if a roof could have only one type of vent device, soffit vents are recommended. A soffit vent allows inlet and outlet of air and, because they point downward, are less likely to let in rain or snow than other vents.

Ridge Vent

Mushroom Cap Vent

Upper Gable Vent

Selecting The Right Soffit

  • Soffit is usually offered in a variety of styles: Lanced Vent, Hidden Vent and Round Vent. Here’s what to consider so you can choose the best fit for your home:
  • - Type of material and the construction of the eave
  • - Local building ventilation codes and the required or suggested application methods
  • - Wind-load and environmental elements based on your area of the country
  • - The amount of open area that exists for air to pass through (Net Free Area)
  • - Maintenance requirements – how accessible is the soffit?

Lanced Vent

Hidden Vent

Round Vent